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Mama, take a minute for yourself! Shop "One Minute Mama" by Dr. Krystal Monique right here in our online Bookstore!

Suzie Shields, VA

Entrepreneur, Ph.D. Student, & Mother of  2

“What an amazing book dedicated just for moms to reflect on the day. With so much going on,
One Minute Mama fits perfectly into my daily routine."

Joyce Jones, NY

Stay-at-home Mother of twins

"Thank you Dr. Krystal Monique! Your book has helped me with self-reflection and self-love during postpartum. I love the purpose and daily encouraging messages."

Alison Johnson, TX

Therapist and Mother of a Newborn

“I highly recommend One Minute Mama to all mothers -new and seasoned! The power of a good journal is the ultimate tool for self therapy.”
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