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Originally from Brooklyn NY, Dr. Krystal Monique studied Health and Physical education at Virginia State University where she obtained her Bachelors of science, followed by her Masters of science in Occupational Therapy from Howard University. Subsequently Dr. Krystal Monique went on to complete her Clinical Doctorate from Concordia University-Wisconsin. As an occupational therapist she has been privileged to combine her love for travel with her chosen career to complete several missionary trips and work with the underserved population. Her passion for helping others from a young age sparked a natural leadership string in her. She was always taught to speak her mind and advocate for herself and her peers. Privy to the health disparities in predominantly women of color as a new mother Dr. Krystal Monique understood the challenges and stigmas motherhood may bring. Journaling has always been an outlet for her to unwind, center her thoughts and keep a self of calmness in an ever changing world. During her pregnancy she found many journals that she could relate to however during postpartum months she felt a void. Leading her to create her own prompts thus birthing one minute mama. Now 14months into this motherhood journey and looking back at the various conversations she has had with family and friends she’s learned that Grace and true centering are two key components to performing at her highest vibration. 

From one Mama to another…

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